If you would like our team to perform for a special occasion, contact us. We can create custom choreographies for performances catered to your specific requests.
Wedding Function


Weddings are amazing, but they can be stressful. If you need a dance choreographed or a performance for one of your events, hire the Learn Bhangra team. We guarantee to give you the best combination steps, music, and energy.


If you have a song you really like and want choreography for it, hire the Learn Bhangra team to do it for you. Whether it's a Bhangra, Hindi, or Hip-Hop song, we can provide Bhangra choreography to any type of song out there.


If you need choreography or a performance for any upcoming event, let our team know.


Did you see a YouTube video of a dance that you really want to learn? Or need some extra 1:1 help to learn one of our routines or dance moves? You can hire our team to send you online tutorials or if possible, teach you in-person.

Hire Learn Bhangra 

If you're looking for one-on-one help to refine your Jhummar, choreography for an upcoming performance, or feedback on a video, submit the request form below and hire our team to help. We will be in touch shortly regarding your request, timing, and fees.