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The Bhangra Workout Certification program (TBW) is designed to ensure that instructors teach a high-intensity dance program that emphasizes proper and folk Bhangra technique to achieve fitness results. Our course utilizes Bhangra steps to provide an intense workout, with a focus on cardio and muscle toning. Upon acceptance, you'll be required to pay a one time fee of $499 USD. This fee provides you with all the benefits listed below.


  • Challenge participants and help them achieve fitness goals utilizing the TBW framework
  • Individual brand/name promotion through Learn Bhangra's social media platforms
  • Class photo/video content shared across Learn Bhangra's marketing channels
  • Network with other TBW Certified Instructors across the world
  • Certify students once they complete the fitness program under your guidance
  • Receive regular content to continue instructing classes post certification completion
  • Gig and partnership opportunities outside of your classes


  • Submit a 3-5 minute video teaching Single Dhamaal to at least 2 people
  • Submit a 2-3 minute video performing a routine and include at least these steps: 
    Round Bedi, Chaal, Khichaan, Pataka, and Bethke
  • Submit a personal Bhangra performance video of your choice
  • Short paragraph explaining why you want to be an instructor and your marketing strategy
  • Tell us where you plan to teach, how often, and with how many students
  • Provide a short bio about your fitness and Bhangra background

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