JANAURY 16, 2018



Latest mobile application provides free Bhangra lessons and exercises aimed at popularizing this
South Asian dance
and its health benefits internationally


New York, NY (January 16, 2018) – Learn Bhangra announces the launch of a new version of its mobile application, the Learn Bhangra app, on both iOS and Android. The updated application offers free, easy-to-learn instructional videos, a newly-released workout program, and a community page for users, enabling anyone to master this globally-recognized South Asian dance form.

“With over 70,000 downloads and nearly 20,000 monthly active users of the original Learn Bhangra app created in 2014, we wanted to design an innovative platform that can handle our rapidly growing user base and makes learning Bhangra easy for all,” said Lavesh Pritmani, Founder & CEO of Learn Bhangra. “Today, our company is the premier instructor of Bhangra globally, and as the dance grows in popularity around the world, our new application makes it fun and easy for users to learn beginner, intermediate, and advanced steps through self-guided tutorials.”

As part of the refreshed Learn Bhangra app, the company is debuting their first-of-its-kind fitness program that features purchasable workouts. Known for its high energy and acrobatic movements, Bhangra is naturally a great workout and can offer similar cardiovascular benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). By combining both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, Bhangra will build endurance and burn fat, while strengthening and stretching muscles all over the body.

“For individuals who want to get fit on their own, we’ve designed a series of workouts that incorporates steps from the instructional videos. Once a user has the steps down, they can use this exercise content to get a fun, low-impact strength training and cardio workout in however much time they have,” said Pritmani. “We believe that the fitness component of Bhangra can be the catalyst for more people around the world to try this dance out and fall in love with it the way we have at Learn Bhangra.”

The new Learn Bhangra app also features a community page where content from Learn Bhangra’s international workshops and new videos mixing Bhangra choreography with popular music are shared. Additionally, users can also upload a video of themselves to share with a global community of Bhangra enthusiasts.

“Bhangra, like other popular dance forms, is an incredible way to build positive relationships and encourage cultural understanding between individuals from different backgrounds” said Neha Singh, Chief Marketing Officer of Learn Bhangra. “In today’s world, our mission of bringing Bhangra to everyone is more relevant than ever.”

Apart from the Learn Bhangra app, Learn Bhangra also offers dance workshops throughout the world, including regularly held classes in New York City, Atlanta, and Singapore. Additionally, Learn Bhangra offers dance and fitness certification programs for studio owners and dance instructors who want to bring Bhangra classes or The Bhangra Workout to their own students. The certification can be completed remotely using the Learn Bhangra app.

To learn more about the Learn Bhangra mobile app, classes, or the certification programs, visit www.learnbhangra.com.

About Learn Bhangra

Learn Bhangra, a dance and fitness company, is the premier global instructor of Bhangra, whose products and services enable users in over 45 countries to engage with the South Asian folk dance form. Through certified instructor-led classes, workshops, and the Learn Bhangra App, Learn Bhangra’s high-intensity cardiovascular curriculum makes learning proper Bhangra folk dance technique simple.



Shawn Ghuman
Director of PR